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> > Eh? If I understood this statement then I must object. I have quite
> clear
> > memories of before-death, during-death, and after-death. I realize
> > that within the context of the narrow communication style
> prevailent here that this
> > claim means nothing. But your statement  would seem to attempt
> rewrite my
> > experiences as false by default.
> >
> > I resent that.
Preempting my question, there was an immediate post:
> That's very interesting. What experiences are you refering to?
> Charles [G]
Somehow I missed rwas's reply detailing those 'experiences. Could anybody supply them to me? Or perhaps C. Goodwin himself who now wrote:
"Mystic experiences of course. Experiences which have rendered
understanding which makes participating in the predominate discourse
found on this list very painful to endure. Sequential, temporal,
in-the-box thinking is not how to transcend the physical in my view."
Maybe this paragraph is the answer. In which case I rest my case.
John Mikes

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