> the requirement that all random characters in an infinite sequence must
> appear an equal number of times.
>This requirement rules out sequences of only one character.<
I feel: in an infinite variety of the infgfinite characters finite sequences
of identicals can appear - if you like the word: randomly. In your words:
>..., in an infinite series of random characters, every
> conceivable sequence MUST occur.
How "every" is "every"?
(I am not nitpicking: in my writeup to get from (my) Plenitude to a systemic
development of infinite universes this point is crucial and I want to check
possible contradictions from this list. Please reflect!)

On the lighter side: your
> More generally, everything that can happen MUST happen, not only once
> but an infinite number of times.
may be a generalization of Murphys' law <G>? (I didn;t want to use that
monster of a word "infinitalization")
John Mikes
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