Dear Bruno:

I appreciate the conversation so I will try to build a common reference so 
each additional step to my model can be built on that base and individually 
commented on.   As requested these are definitions and terms relevant to my 
model not necessarily to established mathematics.

1a) FAS: A symbol string judge.  It can judge all possible symbol strings 
either "acceptable" or "not acceptable".

1b) My FAS contains a single symbol string that is given to be acceptable 
called its axiom.

1c) The axiom contains all the allowed symbols - the alphabet.

1d) My FAS contains a set of rules for identifying additional acceptable 
symbol strings with the axiom as the basis.

1e) My FAS contains the rule that any acceptable string contains the 
encoded FAS as a prefix.

I believe my FAS meets the requirements to make it a FAS in the accepted sense.


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