Hal Ruhl wrote:

>The assumption leads to a contradiction when "String N" exceeds the 
>complexity allowed by Chaitin.  More information must be added to the 
>cascade for it to continue.

Why ? Only if your FAS produces as output just the "string N" 
and then stop, then there would indeed be a contradiction. 

Remember that a little program can produce object much more complex
than itself once the prgram is allowed to produce other things as
well. The counting algorithm is one exemple. The UD is another.

>Add to this Godelian incompleteness and a touch of just plain "do not care" 
>as possible aspects of the Rules.


>I will expand my reading in logic to help my communication, ...

Thanks. BTW you can follow my public dialog with George which
contained information about logics, don't hesitate to ask
question if something is not clear.


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