Dear Saibal Mitra,
I believe you represent the highest scientific level in physical views. This post is not personally
to you, your communication just prompted it - to the list.
It is in my opinion a 20th (2000th?) level consequential sophistication of primitive views,
2D, not even 3D, observing nature not even outside the cave.
I don't believe in atoms, photons, etc., which are ingenius representations of observed
effects in their insufficient view, personalized into pieces of objects in lack of any better in
the ancient observational views. Millennia ago.
Since then the view has not changed, irrespective of our epistemic enrichment.
We still add and add calculalitve newer and newer theories to the ancient dreamed-on views.
The mind (ours, the universe's, whatever) interprets the impact it receives. The newer ones
are complacently fit into the old habits, even squeezed in.
It takes mental power to sever the dependence of the brainwashing of learned tales
and think in new terms.There is IMO sufficient brainpower in this list for such renovative thinking. There were such initiations, there are still going-on topics of the new. Every now and then.
A mirror-restricted symmetry is not the 'new way of thinking'. You did better other times.
Especially not for "particles" of scientific imagination. That we can get in physics class.
Sorry, I hope not to have offended you, all I wanted is to  shake up the latent talent to
free-up itself from the complacent slumber.
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Subject: Ordinary atom-mirror atom bound states

Ordinary atom-mirror atom bound states: A new window on the mirror world

Authors: R. Foot, S. Mitra
Comments: about 8 pages, couple of changes

Mirror symmetry is a plausible candidate for a fundamental symmetry of particle interactions which can be exactly conserved if a set of mirror particles exist. The properties of the mirror particles seem to provide an excellent candidate to explain the inferred dark matter of the Universe and might also be responsible for a variety of other puzzles in particle physics, astrophysics, meteoritics and planetary science. One such puzzle -- the orthopositronium lifetime problem -- can be explained if there is a small kinetic mixing of ordinary and mirror photons. We show that this kinetic mixing implies the existence of ordinary atom - mirror atom bound states with interesting terrestrial and astrophysical implications. We suggest that sensitive mass spectroscopic studies of ordinary samples containing heavy elements such as lead might reveal the presence of these bound states, as they would appear as anomalously heavy elements. In addition to the effects of single mirror atoms, collective effects from embedded fragments of mirror matter (such as mirror iron microparticles) are also possible. We speculate that such mirror matter fragments might explain a mysterious UV photon burst observed coming from a laser irradiated lead target in a recent experiment.

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