I took a quick look at a newstand copy of "American Scientist," the 
current issue. A good article on variations in the cosmic background 
and how this might be able to give some indications about very early 
"forks" taken in the evolution of the universe we are in.

In other news, am reading Graham Priest's "An Introduction to 
Non-Classical Logic," 2001. A good survey of various kinds of modal 
logic, multi-valued logic, intuitionistic logic, etc.

I also found an interesting book by Robert Goldblatt, "Mathematics of 
Modality," 1993, which contains a paper "Diodorean Modality in 
Minkowski Spacetime." He points out that Arthur Prior, in books from 
the late 60s, early 70s, demonstrated that the lattice of 
partially-ordered events in Minkowski spacetime corresponds to a modal 
logic system called "S4.2."

(Sidenote: Bruno uses these names for axiom systems more comfortably 
than I can at this point. Just citing a name for some system is not 
very convincing to me, without having the background to know what the 
names imply.)

The point is that apparently my hunch about time being viewed as a 
poset, which I wrote about several weeks ago, is already known to 
people like Goldblatt and Prior.

This remains my focus.

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