At 14:49 -0400 25/09/2002, Wei Dai wrote:
>I recommended Joyce more for its philosophy rather than its mathematics,
>but I'm glad you found that useful too.

I am indeed less sure about its philosophy. I guess this should have been
apparent from my comment of Newcomb paradox, which I have made before
I got Joyce book, of course, so I have not yet a definite opinion.
I am still think about it.

At 14:49 -0400 25/09/2002, Wei Dai wrote:
>Here's a new question for you, Bruno. What interpretation of probability
>theory do you subscribe to? I've been saying that the meaning of
>probabilities come from decision theory and specificly a probability only
>has meaning if it actually is relevant to making a decision.

Originally the passage from the first person to the first person plural was
done in reaction to my ex-boss wanting an explanation of the comp
indeterminacy in term of betting games. I think I can apply the move to make
the comp indeterminacy coherent with decision based interpretation of


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