Don't feel too bad about this. I doubt that anyone has a clear picture
of what the mind is, so I doubt that reading avogadro's number of
articles on the subject would help anyway.

What I was referring to was for projections from a range of
possibilities onto an actual observed outcome to be a necessary
requirement for consciousness. This is outlined as the "Projection"
postulate in "Why Occam's Razor" - I don't think this is a common
point of view, however. My reasoning for this postulate is that it
corresponds to the "selection" part of a Darwinian type evolutionary
process, and that evolutionary processes are likely to be the only
creative mechanisms (none of this speculation is published, mind you).

The 3-1 distinction refers to the distinction between what a
hypothetical independent observer might see, and the internal 1st
person point of view. Think of yourself as Schroedinger's cat, and you
will quickly see what the difference is between the 1st person point
of view, and the 3rd person point of view of the scientist opening the


Colin Hales wrote:
> In ..........
> RE: Many Fermis Interpretation Paradox -- So why aren't they here?
> Russell Standish wrote:
> >
> > It could just mean that communication between the "universes" is
> > impossible. Which is not surprising, really, as the division between
> > "universes" in the MWI is what allows conscious thought to exist.
> > <snip>
> Declaration of Ignorance..When I read
> 'the division between "universes" in the MWI is what allows conscious
> thought to exist'
> I realised my 'arm waving' undergraduate/post grad hobbyist physics is in
> need of a simple knowledge injection of how the afficionados of this list
> characterise "the Mind" and in particular the "1st and 3rd person
> descriptions" produced by it (about the universe(s) it inhabits). I confess
> that my own view of these things causes me confusion  as when I read the
> threads in this list the words ascribe different meanings to me. I have a my
> own view of it and my needs are that of 'calibration' with respect to the
> view of the MWI-involved physicist (from which I believe the factual picture
> will emerge in the end).
> Are there any non-jargon, non-categorised (a la Philosophy) cut-to-the-chase
> descriptions of these 3 things?
> Sorry to ask, but Googling it out of this universe has proven fruitless thus
> far, without reading Avogadros # of unrealted words and mathematics - no
> time.
> Thanks in advance.
> Colin.

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