Dear Hal,
thank you for your post. I will study your points before I can say Yeah or
Nah to any one of them. It seems I have to make up your mind <G> whether the
"everything includes itself" means an infinite succession of an increasing
line of 'evrythings', all including the previous one, or is it a 'one time'

I would appreciate your definition, how you define "noise" in Prop.6?

Prima vista it seems to include sort of a reductionistic modeling (as in
'parsing') and an arbitrrary dynamics ('nested' - as in a hierarchy), but I
have to think about that before I ask you.

Thank you for the homework I got. As you said 2-3 years ago, our thinking
includes 'close' foundation in different wording/conntoations. It still
seems so.

John Mikes

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> The following is a new effort to present my model in a more traditional
> way.

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