Colin Hales wrote

> ...
>Not really TOE stuff, so I?ll desist for now. I remain ever hopeful that one
>day I?ll be able to understand Bruno?. :-)

Ah! Thanks for that optimistic proposition :-)
Let us forget the AUDA which needs indeed some familiarity with
mathematical logic. 
But the UDA? It would help me to understand at which point you have
a problem. For example I understand where Hall Finney stops, although
I still does not understand why. I got a pretty clear idea where and
why Stephen King disagrees.  This can help me to ameliorate the
presentation. You could also help yourself  through the formulation of
precise questions. Perhaps you did and I miss it? (*)


(*) My computer crashed badly some weeks ago and I use the university
mailing system which is not so stable. Apology for funny spellings,
"RE:RE:"-addition in replies, lack of signature, etc.

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