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>> From Osher Doctorow [EMAIL PROTECTED], Sat. Nov. 30, 2002 1005
> I agree generally with Tim May on mathematics and physics vs computers and
> AI.   My most amusing example is something of a Jonathon Swift parody of all
> four of these fields.   Gulliver lands on an island inhabited by
> mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists/computer engineers, and AI
> people, all competing.  He notices that they all rushing ahead to greater
> and greater complication and complexity and so on, and it occurs to him that
> this might be their weak point.   Could they all have overlooked something
> simple [question-mark].   He discovers, as it so happens that I discovered
> some 20 or so years ago, that they are all using division and multiplication
> to formulate relationships involving influence and causation [I omit
> calculus limits for those unfamiliar with them], and minimally using
> subtraction and addition.   Gulliver then reformulates all of their theories
> using subtraction and/or addition, and it turns out that all of the
> resulting theories are completely different from the old ones.   

So have you published your reformulation of all mathematics, physics, computer 
science, and AI using addition/subtraction instead of multiplication/division?

Brent Meeker
"Epistimology precedes ontology."
      --- Terry Savage

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