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Note - Several of my keys are out including parentheses, colon, exclamation,
plus, question-mark, quotation, due to one of my cats spilling soda on my
keyboard, so I will type in the names of those keys.

Hello Brent,

I did publish a paper in Quantum Gravity, Generalized Theory of Gravitation,
and Superstring Theory-Based Unification, B.N. Kursunuglu et al [Eds.],
Kluwer Academic N.Y. 2000, 89-97, which is mostly in English to be
understood by interdisciplinary mathematical physics readers.  Before that
my papers on these topics were mostly in obscure philosophy journals and on
the internet.   Afterward, I delivered several papers and contributed to
internet conferences and ordinary internet forums/discussion groups/mailing
lists including http [colon] www.superstringtheory.com/forum especially the
String - M Theory/Duality subforum of their Forum section much of which is
archived [but membership is free and archives are open to members],
real-analysis [at] ams/org, geometry-research [at] forum.swarthmore.edu,
http [colon] mathforum.org/epigone/math-history-list, etc.

You may be familiar with division in Bayesian probability-statistics,
multiplication in metrics and Independent Probability-Statistics, division
in Product/Goguen fuzzy multivalued logics, and so on, to which I give as
alternatives Logic-Based Probability-Statistics [LBP], proximity functions,
Lukaciewicz and Rational Pavelka fuzzy multivalued logics [the latter two
were invented long before the 1980 paper of my wife Marleen and me on LBP at
a UC Berkeley philosophy symposium], etc.  Godel fuzzy multivalued logic is
on the borderline between the two types above, using the identity function.

Osher Doctorow

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Hello Osher

On 01-Dec-02, you wrote:

>> From Osher Doctorow [EMAIL PROTECTED], Sat. Nov. 30, 2002 1005
> I agree generally with Tim May on mathematics and physics vs computers and
> AI.   My most amusing example is something of a Jonathon Swift parody of
> four of these fields.   Gulliver lands on an island inhabited by
> mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists/computer engineers, and AI
> people, all competing.  He notices that they all rushing ahead to greater
> and greater complication and complexity and so on, and it occurs to him
> this might be their weak point.   Could they all have overlooked something
> simple [question-mark].   He discovers, as it so happens that I discovered
> some 20 or so years ago, that they are all using division and
> to formulate relationships involving influence and causation [I omit
> calculus limits for those unfamiliar with them], and minimally using
> subtraction and addition.   Gulliver then reformulates all of their
> using subtraction and/or addition, and it turns out that all of the
> resulting theories are completely different from the old ones.

So have you published your reformulation of all mathematics, physics,
computer science, and AI using addition/subtraction instead of

Brent Meeker
"Epistimology precedes ontology."
      --- Terry Savage

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