Eric Hawthorne 
> There are more mysteries to be solved here, clearly.

For sure :-)
As you know Santa Claus is nothing more and
nothing less than St. Nicholas of Myra (Lycia),
whose relics are in Bari (Italy), under the name 
of San Nicola di Bari.
As you can see (or read) the relics continued to exude, 
to stream manna, water, oil, myrtle, myrrha 
just as they had in Myra. From the earliest time 
St. Nicholas devotees have asked for protection 
and health in mind and body through the use of 
the manna. It was diluted and made available (ahem,
for sale!) in bottles decorated with images of the saint. 
Over the centuries a unique art of painting these glass 
bottles developed in Apulia. Every year the translation 
of the Nicholas relics to Bari is celebrated with a great 
festival which culminates in the extraction of the manna 
by the rector of the Basilica.

[Oh, forgot to mention the MTI, the many times
in one world interpretation, which has been proved 
many times in laboratories, using laser pulses,
well .... next time!]

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