Another problem with moderation is how to decide the criteria for
moderation. The FOR list (which is a moderated list covering a similar
range of topics) has a mandate to be accessible to the layperson,
which is interpreted by the moderator as "No mathematics allowed".

The trouble is that is a little difficult to discuss these topics in a
meaningful way without mathematics.

On the other hand, a "Best of" selection might be kind of handy. I'm
having trouble digesting the current output of the everything list,
even after automatically deleting entries with the words
"consciousness" and "free will" in the subjects :).


Wei Dai wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 11:48:08PM +0100, Saibal Mitra wrote:
> > Actually, one doesn't have to dig very deep in the archive. This very thread
> > is an example of an off topic irrelevant discussion. Irrelevant, because
> > there are so few other postings that should not have appeared on this list.
> Perhaps instead of creating a seperate moderated list, someone can offer 
> the service of selecting high quality posts from this list and reposting 
> it - a "best of everything" list. This may serve people who find this list 
> too high volume. The authors of the papers cited in the original 
> invitation, Bostrom, Schmidhuber, and Tegmark, all subscribe to the list 
> but probably no longer follow it closely because of the volume.

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