Using standard mathematical notation (not logic notation
per se), is there a way to depict the negative or the
absense of the calculus notion of a real epsilons for
all possible deltas?

That is: calculus presumes that any and all functions
will identify and recognize all partition sizes (aka numbers)
no matter how (infinitessimally) small. 

Is there a way to proportionally or otherwise denote
the state which, during approach the sensitivity of the
function -remains present-, but at which and thereafter, 
sensitivity is precluded .. even though the notation
still enunciates that a relationship is still present,
and, that for the appropriate values, sensitivity
(aka, 'recognition') is present/accessible. ?

I identify this as being a crucial and essential operator
that may be currently absent from the mathematical arsenal
of concept/relations/notations at present.

Jamie Rose
Ceptual Institute
January 6, 2003

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