John M wrote:
> As to this list: - so far I missed the > "Ensemble theories of..."< before
> the ">everything<", definitely did not associate it with TOE, which I always
> looked at with awe, because to draw a TOE we should know "everything" first.
> Looking at the progressing epistemic development of our (scientific)
> cognitive inventory over the decades (millennia?) our 'everything' is
> enriching - new and new elements are discovered in the progress of time,
> while a formal TOE,  as an 'equation-formulated' (quantized, mathematically
> expressed) THEORY would not allow the inclusion of such - (unless maybe with
> substantial changes or reformulations).

TOE should be taken as an oxymoron - so rather than looking on it with
awe, for me I take is somewhat "tongue-in-cheek". But yes, this arose
as a specific response to Tegmark's proposal of Ensemble theories "as
being the TOE".

> Now I learned to put a special filter on my mouse - to make any (rare, if
> any) comment palatable to the general
> audience of this list.

The biggest help any particpant can do is think how to describe their
ideas in 2-3 sentences :)

> John Mikes

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