In Stephen Wolfram's book we find examples of rules that start out with a complex behavior but then settle down in various ways to something more routine. At an extreme they land on an attractor.

If one was to randomly input to such systems information from an external random oracle [true noise] so as to locally reestablish the general character of the initial conditions [flipping cells here and there] then it seems to me [I currently have no modeling tools set up] that the system would maintain a higher level of complex behavior - such as avoiding the attractor - but not depart from the nature of the rule in question - few exploding cows if the rule in question makes exploding cows scarce. [Something of this sort may be in the book but I have not yet been able to read it all.]

If one then allows the externally sourced noise to accumulate by adding it as groups of new cells between existing cells [an accelerating expansion of the "space" of the universe in question if the noise density per unit of the "space" does not decrease] then I believe one has most of the basis for a model of universes like the one we seem to be in. To finish the basis the noise must also be able to target the rules.

I prefer that the global system we are attempting to invoke be one that has no meta information. If one sort of universe should have a frequency of occurrence or quantity of example different from that of another sort then that would be meta information. I see no reason or need for this and in my view the concept of true noise defeats such lopsidedness directly.

In order to maintain a given lopsidedness all universes would have to be free of true noise [meta information]. If not then the noise if it can target the data and the rules [why down select from this?] would it seems continually reconfigure the lopsidedness by transforming noise susceptible universes into all types.

On the other hand allowing all to be true noise susceptible [data and rules], each by at least one of all possible ports requires no sustaining meta information - no exclusion or other selection is needed. Actually there would be a flow of universes between noise port types since the right dose of true noise would change the character of the rules of a universe.


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