Bruno wrote:

> I agree with you except that I don't see how the "omniscient simulator"
> miss your small cross on the wall, because this will make some change
> in your scanned brain, and He will take those changes into account.
> So, giving the hypotheses, your "if the creature is unaware of this" is
> reasonable. Nevertheless I think your point is genuine relatively to
> Gary's remark about some absolute way to distinguish simulation level.

Yes, well,  I suppose one should replace the "omniscient simulator'' by a
''stupid'' but very powerful computer.The creature uses this computer. So
the information about the cross on the wall is present in the brain (and my
intentions about how to act), but the creature hasn't access to my thoughts
and feelings. In a way this is similar to the chinese room argument. There
also a consiousness is created, but the person who performs the necessary
tasks that gives rise to this consciousness is not the one in which this
consciousness resides. He doesn't get access to the thoughts and feelings of
the conscious person.


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