> CMR wrote:
> >there is regularity and there is the random (whether it be absolute or
> >effectively so - both are equivalent from the receiving end); the mere
> >that we are having this discussion indicates some level of regularity in
> >interaction; but there is randomness as well;
> >
> I do not know if this note helps. I know that a hamiltonian system is
> regular, not chaotic, not random, if
> it has as many constant of motion (integral) as degrees of freedom. The
> presence of each constant
> of motion splits the phase space in two parts, that can evolve
> independently: that is, the two parts
> do not interact. So I think that when we hear a discussion, we know that
> it is due to some level of
> chaos, and not to some level of regularity!
> Doriano

With all due respect, I'll be the "judge" of that. ;)

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