the paper is this one, I suppose

it was expected that the vacuum behaves 
as a noisy channel

and in general entanglements are sensible
to Lorentzian boosts (but not much)

and unforfutanely quantum entropy/information
is not a Lorentz covariant concept

bbbut, and this are the good news,
there are detailed papers (J. Hardy)
about the possibility of entanglement
between 'usual' quantum states and
'vacuum' states, like i.e.
psi = m |1,a>|0,b> + n |0,a>|1,b> + p |0,a>|0,b>
where |1,a> and |0,a>
are one-particle and vacuum state directed to a-lice
and |1,b> and |0,b> ... directed to b-ob

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