Assuming neurons aren't able to tap into QM stuff because of
decoherence, it seems odd that consciousness is performed with an
irreversible computation whilst the universe uses a reversible

- David

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I think the answer to your question is yes (assuming I understand you
correctly). Information and probability are closely linked (through
algorithmic information theory - AIT for those acronym
lists). Schroedinger's equation is known to conserve probability
(basically |\psi(t)| is a constant - usually set to 1 - under
evolution by Schroedinger's equation (|.| here means Hilbert spoace
norm, not
absolute value)). This conservation of probability turns out to be
equivalent to unitarity of the Hamiltonian operator, which guess what,
means energy is conserved.

Unitary evolution is a reversible computation, which is why quantum
computations are reversible.


David Barrett-Lennard wrote:
> I have been wondering whether there is something significant in the
> that our laws of physics are mostly time symmetric, and we have a law
> conservation of mass/energy.  Does this suggest that our universe is
> associated with a reversible (and information preserving) computation?

> - David

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