David Barrett-Lennard wrote:

Jesse Mazer wrote,

> Isn't there a fundamental problem deciding what it means for a given
> simulated object to implement some other computation?

Yes, but does this problem need to be solved?   I have no problem with
the idea that some "physical object" (in one computation) can be
"interpreted" in all sorts of ways - depending on how you map it.  Does
it matter if there exists a (weird) mapping between a rock and a
universe with conscious inhabitants?  The universe doesn't depend on the
rock for its existence so who cares!

- David

I think it would matter if you want to find the measure of various types of observers/observer-moments--you need to know which ones are instantiated more often in the set of all possible computations (to address this you might also need a measure on all possible computations). Without some type of measure, there is no way to solve the "white rabbit problem".


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