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> Hal Finney wrote:
>As long as everything that happens in the universe's history can be
represented by a finite string, this brute-force method is one that's
guaranteed to work...the ultimate version of this would just be to generate
all possible strings of that length, then throw out all the ones that don't
match the laws/boundary conditions you've chosen. ..<

Are we really smart enough to set up a 'complete' set of 'rules' to describe
(restrict?) the universe(s)?  I feel we are circling within our mind of a
limited understanding - achieved cognitive inventory. Even our 'unreal'
ideas are dreamed up by our mindset. Are we fashioning the existence
(world, or nature, or Multiverse, whatever one likes to call 'everything')
after our so far epistemized (!) cognitive inventory and human knowledge?
Or: do we 'make up' a world as we can?

John Mikes

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