I don't find any reference to Afshar or his experiment on the
Harvard web site or on arXiv.org?

Brent Meeker

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>Subject: Many Worlds invalidated?
>Hot off the press, via Boingsters:
>  Many Worlds theory invalidated
>Kathryn Cramer breaks the story on a to-be-presented
>Harvard talk on an
>experiment that appears to invalidate both the "Many Worlds" and
>"Copenhagen" theories of quantum mechanics. Kathryn is
>the daughter of
>John Cramer, a physicist whose "Transactional Interpretetation"
>hypothesis is the only one left intact by the
>experiment's findings.
>It has been widely accepted that the rival
>interpretations of quantum
>mechanics, e.g., the Copenhagen Interpretation, the Many-Worlds
>Interpretation, and my father John Cramer's Transactional
>Interpretation, cannot be distinguished or falsified by
>because the experimental predictions come from the
>formalism that all
>such interpretations describe. However, the Afshar Experiment
>demonstrates in an interaction-free way that there is a
>loophole in
>this logic: if the interpretation is inconsistent with
>the formalism,
>then it can be falsified. In particular, the Afshar Experiment
>falsifies the Copenhagen Interpretation, which requires
>the absence of
>interference in a particle-type measurement. It also
>falsifies the
>Many-Worlds Interpretation which tells us to expect no
>between "worlds" that are physically distinguishable, e.g., that
>correspond to the photon's passage through one pinhole
>or the other.
>Link (Thanks, Kathryn!)
>       http://www.kathryncramer.com/wblog/archives/000530.html

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