To try to avoid confusion on what I meant I find my model telling me that all metaverses will experience the injection of new information to some non zero degree. Some metaverses are Turing computable between such events. The new information is as if from a random external oracle. The "to them" was to modify "external". If one steps out to the system that contains all metaverses one finds that it is not Turing computable because it is both incomplete and inconsistent. Any metaverse is already incomplete so it is the full system level inconsistency that leaks in as the metaverse evolves trying to complete itself. Each of these leakage events can be looked at as resetting the computer with new program/data.

This has interesting potential application. For example if our universe indeed has a maximum informational density then the added information must cause space to expand. As our universe gathers more information the "area" of its interface with the information in the full system increases so we get a positive feed back situation - The so called Dark Energy and its acceleration effect on the expansion.


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