At 12:42 29/06/04 -0400, Hal Ruhl wrote:

I have enjoyed my first looks at Podnieks' page.  Bruno thanks for the URL .

My issue is that my model while it has changed many times seems to persistently return me to the idea that while some metaverses may be otherwise Turing computable all metaverses are subject to input from what might be considered an external - to them - random oracle.

The system that embeds these metaverses - a dual simultaneous existence of a Nothing and an Everything seems inconsistent and incomplete so its not Turing computable as I understand the term.

This seems to put my view in conflict with Comp.

If your system is inconsistent then it is obviously Turing computable (just write a generator
of ALL arithmetical formula).
But I am not sure your system is inconsistent. Well, I am not sure it is a "system", or
perhaps you just fail to present it as such, probably.


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