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Dear Hal,

    Could the Nothing be a generalization of the notion of the Null or Empty

I think the Null or Empty sets are more particular than my Nothing since they include all the underpinnings supporting the idea of "set".

    One question that I have is "what moves?" It seems that I am merely
re-asking Zeno's question...

    How is motion, whether it is the UD moving infinitely slowly from string
to string or your example of a "shackwave", what is the reason "MOTION"
exists? What necessitates motion and change a priori?

In our universe we identify something called a vacuum energy. I see the incompleteness of the Nothing as such a "prime mover" if you will. The initiator is sort of a symmetry breaking when the Nothing must answer a meaningful question. Once this starts it acts rather like a formal system attempting to complete itself - an empty quest. This provides the "motivator" for the evolution of the particular metaverse associated with this particular symmetry breaking. I do see the evolution process as digital so there is no "motion" as we usually interpret it. A universe just winks out between successive states. In this case relativity and quantum mechanics seem to me to be simple consequences.


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