From: "Fred Chen" 

> Can there be a transition region where
> both aspects are observable?

It is difficult to observe a one-particle pattern

But if you are interested in things like whether there is 
an experimental smooth, Yin-Yang type :-), transition between 
the particle-like and the wave-like behaviour, try the links 

Greenberger and Yasin wrote P^2 + V^2 = 1, where P is the 
*probability* for the particle taking one of the two possible 
paths, and V the visibility of the fringes.

In other words, the Greenberger and Yasin relation states that
the "entity" has a double nature (wave-like,particle-like) and 
that there is a "smooth" transition between one and the other 

Following Greenberger and Yasin, we must restate the 
complementarity principle as *coexistence* between particle-like
and wave-like properties, and not as reciprocal *exclusion*.

(Btw, it is well known that Heisenberg was against the 
complementarity principle, since in matrix mechanics there
are no waves at all ... It is also well known that the 
Bohr-Heisenberg debate, on this point, was very hard


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