To continue:

As I said attach no significance to the little thought pictures I am using to illustrate various aspects of my system. They illustrate little chunks and then break down.

The system has no net information.

The Nothing has no internal information.
The Everything is the boundary of both erected by the unavoidable definition and has no further ability to divide so it has no information.
Thus the All must have no net internal information.
Neither the All nor the Nothing can stand alone because they are a definitional pair and their simultaneity allows the boundary [the definition also called the Everything] to have no net information other wise it would only contain one of the pair and thus have a residual potential to divide.

A kernel of information is the that information constituting a particular potential to divide.

The All contains all such kernels.

The All is internally inconsistent because it contains for example a complete axiomatized arithmetic as well as an infinity of other such kernels of information.

Further the system can not have a fixed structure because that is a possible selection [a potential to divide] and that is not allowed in the system so at this point drop most of the original "All as sphere" picture. It was meant to illustrate just a few aspects of the system.

Now pick things up with the original post with the Nothing bring incomplete re having to resolve the meaningful question of its own persistence.


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