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Jonathan Colvin
> Norman Samish wrote: 
> > If "free will" simply means "self-determination" then Jonathan is 
> > right, and to the extent we are self-determined we have 
> free will.  He 
> > says, "the only relevant question as to whether our will is free is 
> > whether our conscious minds (our selves) determine our actions."
> > 
> > But what about the sufferers of schizophrenia who Stathis 
> Papaioannou 
> > referred to?  They exercise self-determination, and their 
> mental state 
> > is such that their actions, at least in some cases, are completely 
> > predictable.
> > Do they have free will?
>JC:  I don't see that the actions of schizophrenia patients are 
> any more predicatable than yours or mine. In fact, people 
> suffering from this disease are often *less* predictable 
> (which is why schizophrenia can sometimes be dangerous). To 


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