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>Brent Meeker wrote:
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>> >Hal Ruhl wrote:
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>> >>I know of no reason to assume that the various branches of MWI run
>> >>concurrently.
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>> >>If they do not run concurrently then the only way I see for immortality
>> >>to be in a branch where immortality is already a possibility inherent in
>> >>that branch.
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>> >I don't see why this should be so. Your consciousness should be able to
>> >between branches, between physical locations and across long periods of
>> >time.
>>Why do you assume that - which seems contrary to experience?  It seems that
>>consciousness is part of the function of material (i.e. brains).
>I feel that I am the same person as I was five years ago even though hardly
>any of the atoms in my body are the same now as then. The body and brain of
>the younger me have disintegrated as completely as if I had died and been
>cremated. Certainly, the change has been gradual over time, but the fact
>remains that I am now comprised of different matter, with different
>spacetime coordinates, in a configuration only approximately copying that of
>my younger self. Moreover, my reconstructed brain provides me with only
>approximately the same memories as my younger self, in addition to the newer
>memories. Without resorting to science fiction thought experiments (mind
>uploading, teleportation etc.), I think this demonstrates that consciousness
>and personal identity are malleable and mobile, even if you restrict
>yourself to implementation on brains.

But there is a causal, material chain connecting your brain today and your
younger brain.  If your brain suffers a concussion or anesthesia, do you
suppose your consciousness goes somewhere else?

Brent Meeker

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