The core concept (which is somewhat muddled by the way I described it) is that we live in a 4 axis universe, but we visualize it as a 3 axis
+ linear time (i.e. viewing time as "motion", a linear series of events)
because we appear to be on a time-line due to the nature of consciousness. Realizing time is a 4th axis, and not just linear, opens up the understanding that we live in a multiverse.

Horizontal + Vertical axis = area, add depth = volume, add time axis = 
multiverse space, hyperspace, whatever (but it is a higher space than just 

The multiverse exists in the time axis.  If the time axis is symmetrical to the 
other axes, the higher space information storage capacity would fill the volume 
of a cube of space along our world line.  3 axes = 10^200, 4 axes = 10^300.  So 
if we could see the area of space across the time axis (across the multiverse), 
we would see 10^300 information.  But we do not have access to anything but our 
world line, so this axis is excluded= 10^200 (The Holigraphic principle).

So why did I get all twisted around trying to explain the mental image I had all along that time is a fourth axis which creates a higher space than volume that is the space the multiverse exists in? It is very hard to imagine a spatial quantity above volume, and I kept wanting to refer to it as a "time area" or a "volume of time" which greatly complicates the issue, because obviously it sounds like I am referring to typical 2 axis area or 3 axis volume.

Imagine you have no knowledge of the physics of our universe, but mathematical knowledge. You are told that you are about to enter a 4 axis universe, but that the nature of your experience would make it seem you had the freedom to move about in 3 axes, but were stuck on a fixed motion along a line in the fourth axis. What predictions would you make about your experience? The two that come to mind for me are: It will be very difficult for me to appreciate the true size of this universe; and some observations will make it appear there is a higher dimension, given my failure to appreciate the fourth axis is really more than linear.

The holographic principle is just such an observation- it implies we live in a universe with a higher dimension. Viewing time as an axis instead of a line, that higher dimension may be the area created by the time axis (the multiverse).

"This is the distinctive core of the quantum concept of time: Other times are just 
special cases of other universes" - David Deutsch, FOR, p. 278.

My follow up:  Other outcomes/worlds are other universes beyond our world-line 
on the time axis.

Danny Mayes

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