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> The core concept (which is somewhat muddled by the way I described 
> it) is that we live in a 4 axis universe, but we visualize it as a 3 axis
> + linear time (i.e. viewing time as "motion", a linear series of events)
> because we appear to be on a time-line due to the nature of 
> consciousness.  Realizing time is a 4th axis, and not just linear, opens 
> up the understanding that we live in a multiverse.

"dimension" is usual term here. "Axis" is an element of a plot to show
the Cartesian coordinate system.

> Horizontal + Vertical axis = area, add depth = volume, add time axis = 
> multiverse space, hyperspace, whatever (but it is a higher space than just 
> volume)

Hypervolume. And a n-1 dimensional manifold within an n-dimensional
space is called a "hypersurface". If linear, then "hyperplane".

> The multiverse exists in the time axis.  If the time axis is symmetrical to 
> the other axes,

The time dimension is not symmetrical to spatial dimensions. An
appreciation of Minkowskian space-time will tell you why. Try Wikipedia.

> the higher space information storage capacity would fill 
> the volume of a cube of space along our world line.  3 axes = 10^200, 4 
> axes = 10^300.

Wait a minute. In a cubic volume 10^100 plank units across, you've
assumed a discrete space-time, with n-states per cell. This gives rise
to 10^300 log n / log 2 possible bits of information in that
volume. How do you get to 10^200?

>  So if we could see the area of space across the time axis 
> (across the multiverse), we would see 10^300 information.  But we do not 
> have access to anything but our world line, so this axis is excluded= 
> 10^200 (The Holigraphic principle).

You lost me on the last point, above.

> So why did I get all twisted around trying to explain the mental image I 
> had all along that time is a fourth axis which creates a higher space than 
> volume that is the space the multiverse exists in?  It is very hard to 
> imagine a spatial quantity above volume, and I kept wanting to refer to it 
> as a "time area" or a "volume of time" which greatly complicates the issue, 
> because obviously it sounds like I am referring to typical 2 axis area or 3 
> axis volume. 
> Imagine you have no knowledge of the physics of our universe, but 
> mathematical knowledge.  You are told that you are about to enter a 4 axis 
> universe, but that the nature of your experience would make it seem you had 
> the freedom to move about in 3 axes, but were stuck on a fixed motion along 
> a line in the fourth axis.  What predictions would you make about your 
> experience?  The two that come to mind for me are:  It will be very 
> difficult for me to appreciate the true size of this universe; and some 
> observations will make it appear there is a higher dimension, given my 
> failure to appreciate the fourth axis is really more than linear.
> The holographic principle is just such an 
> observation- it implies we live in a universe with a higher dimension.  
> Viewing time as an axis instead of a line, that higher dimension may be 
> the area created by the time axis (the multiverse).
> "This is the distinctive core of the quantum concept of time: Other times 
> are just special cases of other universes" - David Deutsch, FOR, p. 278.
> My follow up:  Other outcomes/worlds are other universes beyond our 
> world-line on the time axis.
> Danny Mayes

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