Le 01-mai-05, à 16:51, Saibal Mitra a écrit :

The MWI made me take the idea of multiple universes/multiple realities
serious. When I joined this list I believed that quantum suicide could work,
but I later found out that it cannot possibly work. I now believe that there
exists an ensemble of all possible mathematical models/descriptions/computer
programs. These things exist in a mathematical sense. For this idea to work
(to yield predictions that are consistent with the known laws of physics)
one has to assume that there exists a measure that prefers simple programs
over complex programs.

Why? You may be right, but why? How will you make abstraction of complex programs
generated by the DU and getting close to your actual computational states?
What about complex programs generating simple programs?

I do believe simple programs play some role, but not because they would have
an higher measure, just because they will handle genuine relationship with all
the running of all other programs.



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