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> >Stephen Paul King writes:
> >>     I think that your characterization would be accurate if you could
> >> somehow substitute each and every verb, such as "generate", "execute",
> >> "compare", "detect", "create", which depend on some form of transitional
> >> temporality with nouns that have a non-temporal connotation, after all all
> >> of this computational structure is postulated to exist in a TIMELESS
> >> Platonic realm where any notion of temporality and change is non-existent.
> >
> >That's a good point.  Another way to think of it is that all bit strings
> >exist, timelessly; and some of them implicitly specify computer programs;
> >and some of those computer programs would create universes with observers
> >just like us in them.  You don't necessarily need the machinery of
> >the computer to run the program, it could be that the existence of the
> >program itself is sufficient for what we think of as reality.
> In what sense does "the program" exist if not as physical tokens?  Is it
> that you've thought of the concept?  The same "program", i.e. bit-string,
> different things on different computers.  So how can the program instantiate
> reality independent of the computer?
> Brent Meeker

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