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but physics is a subset of Platonia -- our space has 3 macroscopic
dimensions. Platonia contains spaces of every dimensionallity.

I think it is misleading to consider physics as a subset of Platonia. As it is misleading to consider physical evoultion as one computational history among all comp histories. With the comp hyp, at least, physics can be shown to have a much more deep relationship with mathematical Platonia. Physics really emerges from the whole platonia structure, and like you are obliged to take into account all possible path of an electron to compute the probability that it will strikes some region on a screen, with comp you are obliged in fine to take into account all the topology space can take, and then also all possible fine grained logical consistent computational histories.

An *image* which is related is that Platonia is an abstract volume and physics is the border of that volume as seen from its interior. Physics would be a sort of derivative of "psychology" (computer science), and psychology would be some integral of physics. But at this stage it is only an analogy, which could hardly be made more precise without being much more technical. What I want to say is that the physical world is not just a part of platonia, it is mathematically related to the global structure of that Platonia.



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