Can you honestly say that there is no more information available to a sighted person about the experience of vision than to a blind person? That if a blind person who happens to be a scientific expert on vision miraculously develops, for the first time in his life, the ability to see, he hasn't really gained anything?

--Stathis Papaioannou

> Stathis: Your post suggests to me a neat way to define what is special
> about first person experience: it is the gap in information
> between what can be known from a description of an object and
> what can be known from being the object itself.

But how can "being an object" provide any extra information? I don't see
that information or knowledge has much to do with it. How can "being an
apple" provide any extra information about the apple? Obviously there is a
difference between *an apple* and *a description of an apple*, in the same
way there is a difference between *a person* and *a description of a
person*, but the difference is one of physical existence, not information.

Jonathan Colvin

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