Russell Standish wrote:

On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 08:15:25AM -0400, Jesse Mazer wrote:
> OK, is that why you're saying the ASSA and RSSA are incompatible? But my
> point is that I think this incompatibility is removed if you always take
> the ASSA as applying to your current observer-moment, and the RSSA as
> applying to your next observer-moment.

This still won't solve the incompatibility. The only way for the ASSA
to apply to just the "current" OM is if there is no TIME.

But I explained in my last post how the ASSA could also apply to an arbitrary "next" observer-moment as opposed to an arbitrary "current" one--if you impose the condition I mentioned about the relation between conditional probability and absolute probability, which is basically equivalent to the condition that each tank is taking in water from other tanks at the same rate it's pumping water to other tanks, then the probabilities will be unchanged. This is equivalent to the fact that if you randomly sample a water molecule at time t and there is a probability p it will be in a given tank, then if the outflow rate for each tank is equal to the inflow rate, that means that if you randomly sample a water molecule at time t+1 you will find the same probability p that it's in that tank.


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