Stephen Paul King wrote:
>    Pardon the intrusion, but in your opinion does every form 
>of dualism require that one side of the duality has properties 
>and behaviors that are not constrained by the other side of 
>the duality, as examplified by the idea of "randomly emplaced souls"?
>    The idea that all dualities, of say mind and body, allow 
>that minds and bodies can have properties and behaviours that 
>are not mutually constrained is, at best, an incoherent straw dog.

I don't really uderstand the question the way you've phrased it (I'm not
sure what you mean by "mutually constrained"); I *think* you are asking
whether I believe that it is necessary that any duality must have mutually
exclusive properties (if not, please elaborate).

I think this is implied by the very concept of dualism; if the properties of
the dual entities (say mind and body, or particle and wave) are NOT mutually
exclusive, then there is no dualism to talk about. If the mind and the body
are identical, there is no dualism.

Jonathan Colvin

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