> > >> (JC) My consciousness (or degree of such) is a 
> complicated function 
> > >> of my evolutionary history, but the problem is so multifactorial it
> > >> inappropriate to use anthropic reasoning.
> > >
> > >Nonsense. You are either conscious, in which case you will observe 
> > >something, or you are not, which case you don't. This is a 
> simple two 
> > >state logic.
> > 
> > That seems a remarkable assertion. As I grow from a fetus 
> to an adult, 
> > is there one particular interval of planck time where I go 
> from being 
> > an unconscious object to a conscious observer?
> It is unlikely to be resolvable to the planck scale, but I do 
> expect there to be a first observer moment (ie resolvable on 
> the millisecond scale). It may not be possible to pin down 
> exactly when this occurs with human beings, however, just as 
> it is extraordinarily difficult to draw a dividing line 
> between conscious animals and unconscious ones.

Likely because there *is* no dividing line. Why would you think that
consciousness / observerness is a two state property?

Jonathan Colvin

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