Le Samedi 25 Juin 2005 18:51, Bruno Marchal a écrit :
> Not really because you assume our eyes are bounded. Any finite machine
> running forever recurs but not infinite or universal one.
> Bruno

Yes I assume my eyes are bounded... because they are, physically speaking they 

And if I understand you correctly, you are saying that we are universal 
machine (or we are part of it) so that we can't recurs... But as I have 
showed, what I can see is finite (without taking into accound brain states 
which is more than 2 states for a neuron, 2 states or electrical states of 
the brains and not taking in account chemicals properties is not brain 
states)... what ever event a possible observer which could see all is 
finite... I take 100000x100000 resolution, taking an higher resolution will 
just reveal better and better detail, but we do not see infinite detail... 
(and I don't conceive my consciousness able to see/understand infinite 
detail). But if I read that an universal machine runing forever can't repeat, 
that means that the machine will "see" better details each time... but what 
does it means for us ? do you mean that we have to see better and better the 
world ? has we get asymptotically to an infinite age we should be aware of 
more details ?


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