Hi Norman,

   On a lark I Googled and found:


"His specializations include materials characterization, testing and evaluation using nondestructive evaluation methodologies, materials development and performance assessment and technology management. He has steered and participated in many national programmes of great significance namely DST project on Intelligent Processing of Materials, Characterization of Cultural Heritage, IAF programmes of ageing management, Dept. of Space and Dept. of Defence programmes. He has 33 years of experience, which has led to many first of its kind observations and discoveries in the field of materials characterization and applications. He is known for his contributions to KAMINI Reactor, hot cell facilities for examination and reprocessing of fuels and reactor technology particularly in the area of materials and manufacturing technologies. "

Charlatan, maybe...


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Lee, Stephen, Stathis, Jonathan,

Thanks for your illuminating responses.

I went to http://internationalreporter.com/news/read.php?id=641 and left a
message telling them that I objected to the slur on Hawking, and that I
thought Dr. Baldev was a charlatan. I also rated the article as "Bad," the
worst available rating.

Somebody responded with thanks.  In addition to their gratitude, I noticed
that my "Bad" rating of the article had been magically transformed into

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