How does a quasi-zombie differ from a full zombie? And how could his descendants ever realise this, even after centuries - wouldn't this require a foolproof 3rd person method of determining 1st person experience?


Le 06-juil.-05, à 22:12, George Levy a écrit :

In a brain substitution experiment, when should the patient say "yes doctor" or "no doctor"?

The comp answers: this is a question bearing on a private and personal domain, including the possible relations you have with a doctor you thrust (if that exists!). The level is a matter of personal opinion or choice, the lower the better probably ...

No guarantees of success at all. Logically, it could be that the ``pioneer of immortality" will just be quasi-zombie, although their descendant will take centuries to realize that!
I don't say it will be necessarily so. There are other scenarios ...


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