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> It seems to me (oh no, subjectivity!) that believing in an objective 
> reality is doing the same epistemic move as Bruno's belief in 
> arithmetic realism and Godel's Platonism.  Isn't belief in "objective 
> reality" really by definition simply saying that there's something 
> CAUSING ALL of our subjective observations? If there is no objective 
> reality, then it begs the question, "Where do all our subjective 
> observations come FROM?" Surely not from other subjective observations, 
> by definition.  If you don't believe in objective reality, then your 
> alternatives are: 1) try to explain repeatability of observations in 
> some weird indirect way and go crazy, or 2) just throw up your hands 
> and be agnostic and give up any motivation for science other than 
> pragmatism, which results in a pretty dismal outcome, the same outcome 
> as the 20th century philosophers: despair.
> Tom Caylor

or 3) explain repeatability as due to the constraints of the Anthropic
Principle. The AP capture what is necessary about an "objective
reality" without acknowledging an actual "objective reality".

I believe the reason behind the AP will come to light with a more
mature theory of consciousness.


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