>  I am not sure I can give you a decent answer to your
>  query [...]

There are papers by Mark Rubin showing (perhaps)
that in the Schroedinger picture, information 
on splitting worlds must be inferred from 
*the history* of the combined system. While
in the Heisenberg picture this information 
is contained in mathematical quantities 
associated with a single time. 

Rob Clifton in a paper on 'Phil. of Science'
(circa 1996) appeals to the magic properties 
of the Schroedinger Unitary-evolving 
*Universal* Wave-function. (This approach
seems to be similar to the concept of a global
wave-function in Bohmian mechanics. John
Bell pointed out a similarity between
Bohmian mechanics and MWI, btw.)

There are, imo, interesting ideas in the paper
by D. Zeh. Mainly about the 'dynamics'
of entropy within a 'world' vs. the rest
of the 'worlds'.

Needlless to say, all that seems to have
something to do with what Hal Finney wrote
here recently, in search of a *consistent*
universal distribution.


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