Hi Norman,

I have no idea why it received a dishonorable mention. It could be because
some physicists/cosmologists don't like anthropic reasoning.

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> This is a teaser.  Why did Tegmark's paper receive Dishonorable Mention?
> Who is Godfrey?
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> http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0508429
> Tegmark's essay was not well received (perhaps Godfrey didn't like it?
:-) )
> How did it all begin?
> Authors: Max Tegmark
> Comments: 6 pages, 6 figs, essay for 2005 Young Scholars Competition in
> honor of Charles Townes; received Dishonorable Mention
> How did it all begin? Although this question has undoubtedly lingered for
> long as humans have walked the Earth, the answer still eludes us. Yet
> my grandparents were born, scientists have been able to refine this
> to a degree I find truly remarkable. In this brief essay, I describe some
> my own past and ongoing work on this topic, centering on cosmological
> inflation. I focus on
> (1) observationally testing whether this picture is correct and
> (2) working out implications for the nature of physical reality (e.g., the
> global structure of spacetime, dark energy and our cosmic future, parallel
> universes and fundamental versus environmental physical laws).
> (2) clearly requires (1) to determine whether to believe the conclusions.
> argue that (1) also requires (2), since it affects the probability
> calculations for inflation's observational predictions.

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