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> Norm writes...
> "Computationalism" is yet another claim.  It's the
> notion that all of
> our own thoughts as well could be implemented on a
> Turing Machine in
> a way that would deliver to us just as much
> experiential satisfaction.
> Lee
Another view:
According to Robert Rosen (who so far identified in
the best ways those scanty views about his
'complexity' or my 'wholistic thinking') said about a
difference between machine and natural system (my
wording)that the former is a design within boundaries
while the latter is occurring without boundaries in
connection with the totality - and eo ipso is not
TM-computable. I like the word for such: impredicative
as subject to unrestricted (unlimited) number and
quality of variables with impact of changes beyond the
(snapshot) view we observe. 
I believe 'our own (present-day) thoughts are that
much simplistic that a TM CAN provide 'experiential'
satisfaction. Comprehending the wholeness (tatality)
is beyond our mind's 2005-level capability. 
Which does not translate in shoving it under the rug. 

John Mikes

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