Do you have any suppositions how 'fragments' can be
part of 'this' or rather 'that' description? Is there
anything in 'everything' (pardon me the pun) which
'makes' more likely for a (possible??? see below)
component to belong to ensemble D vs. ensemble F? Are
there attributes of the fragments (component? and how
can they be found/defined? (I use 'information' in a
different sense: as an 'absorbed' (acknowledged)
difference - giving to the characteristic of a
difference a way to (real) existence).

Your 'theory' seems to round itself to more and more
completion (I still call 'mine' a narrative) the only
striking word lately (for me) was: "possible", meaning
"in our view?" or "also exceeding the possibilities WE
find so"? How can we include - in our terms -
impossibles into the list of the possibles?

I hope this is not more nitpicking than our overall
struggle with words to express the inexpressible...

John Mikes

--- Hal Ruhl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> At 08:18 PM 9/17/2005, you wrote:
> Assumption: There is [exists] a list of all possible
> components of 
> descriptions [not descriptions themselves - these
> are derivative of the 
> list's existence but have a potential [a kernel in
> my model's lexicon] of 
> instantiations of reality [a "dust in the wind"
> "physical" existence.]]
> Yours
> Hal Ruhl 

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