On Sep 19, 2005, at 1:00 AM, Marc Geddes wrote:

Here's a speculation:

The model I'm working with for my theory seems to suggest 3 different fundamental kinds of 'cause and effect'.

The first is physical causality - motion of physical objects through space. The second is mental causality - agents making choices which effect agents The third is what I call 'Multiverse causality', a sort of highly abtsract 'causality' close to the notion of logical consistency/ consilience - that which ensures that knowledge has a certain ordered 'structure' to it .

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Here's my thought -- isn't it the case that we know enough about how brains work today that, at the very least, it is a huge overstatement to refer to the first two types as "different fundamental kinds"? In other words, I will claim that type 2 is actually nothing more than a subset of type 1, occurring in particular circumstances. What evidence goes against this view?


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