An analysis I have made of my model:

My model's foundation is not mathematics but the list of potential properties of things. The only mathematical like concepts I then use are power set, incompleteness, and inconsistency and these are derived from simply parsing the list. If my list is infinite and countable and its line items representable by finite bit strings then my starting point is just the natural numbers [including zero] along with an assignment of meaning to each.

As I understand it the cardinality of the set of subsets of the natural numbers [i.e. the All and its kernels as power set] is the same as the cardinality of the reals i.e. c. One can therefore form a one to one correspondence between the kernels and the reals. In this pairing the real member of the pair can be thought of as representing the kernel half of the pair. Therefore the All is just the set of reals with an assigned meaning for each.

Hal Ruhl

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